Create The Ultimate Backyard Retreat With An Inground Swimming Pool

Summer may be halfway over, but you can still create the ultimate backyard retreat to enjoy for years to come. Prime Outdoor Living has a pool for every yard, and we work with three of the most innovative fiberglass pool companies to deliver just the right one to each of our customers. We can offer a pool for any stage of life, available in a variety of colors, shapes, styles, and sizes. Let’s daydream together about adding an inground pool to your backyard for the ultimate retreat, and we’ll show you how we can turn your dream into a reality.

Inground Swimming Pool Installation

Pools For Every Lifestyle

When you decide that you want to have a pool installed in your backyard, there is one important question you must answer: “How will I use it?” Every household has unique priorities, primarily determined by the season of life they are in. Whether you want to use your pool mostly for entertainment, relaxation, fitness and exercise, or family fun, we can design the perfect space for you. We are outdoor living experts and can create a backyard retreat with a pool that will be the perfect backdrop for your family memories.

We Do Everything

Perhaps the best reason to work with us is that we will take care of everything for you! From the design to the installation, we do everything in-house in the construction of our inground fiberglass pools. We never ask our clients to take on part of the process and will handle the design, permit applications, electrical and plumbing setup, pool installation, hardscaping, automation features, and inspections. We want you to simply relax and plan your first pool party! 

The Ultimate Retreat

If you would like to create the ultimate retreat and envision adding even more than a pool, we can help you with that as well. We are expert hardscaping contractors and can bring to life whatever you dream up. We can design outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, pergolas, pavilions, and more. Our experts can also connect all of these elements with walkways, and illuminate them with landscape lighting for the perfect finishing touches.

Request Your Quote Today

Prime Outdoor Living can help you transform your yard into the outdoor retreat and entertaining center you have always imagined. Our customers appreciate that it is easy to do business with us because we do all of the work! Call us today at (740) 975-6000 to request a quote. We serve Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas including Newark, New Albany, Heath, and Granville.