Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting has moved far beyond the typical lighting we see for safety and security. While those are still important, today’s designers use outdoor lighting to set a mood, instill a sense of wonder, and create an outdoor space you love and use. No matter your purpose for installing lights, the hardscaping contractors at Prime Outdoor Living will help you design a stunning nightscape that delights your senses and illuminates hard-to-see spaces. Call (740) 975-6000 or request a quote now. We serve Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.

Uplighting for Trees, Plants & Houses

Uplighting is a way to highlight your home and landscape after the sun sets. Our experts understand how to correctly install architectural lighting so that your entire home is properly illuminated, not just a small piece of it. Uplighting trees highlights their beauty against the night sky. It must also be done properly to achieve the desired effect, taking into account the following factors:

Using the correct number and style of lights

Placing the lights correctly and at the right angle

Knowing when to use a narrow, broad, or wide-beam lights

Uplighting serves a dual purpose of esthetics and function: creating a beautiful nightscape while lighting up entrances, windows, and areas where you may have security concerns.

Hardscape Lighting

The addition of accent lighting to hardscaping features in your yard can create a stunning landscape. Here are just a few ideas on how we can incorporate lighting into your yard.


Retaining Walls

Waterfalls, Fountains, and Other Water Features



Patios, Pergolas, and Pavilions

Outdoor Kitchens and Living Rooms

Starry Night Decks

Architectural Lighting in Columbus OH

One of the biggest landscape lighting trends is the starry night pattern: installing small, recessed lights in a whimsical, random pattern on your deck. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few places to highlight with starry nights:

  • On deck boards, combining big and small lights to imitate stars
  • Up the steps
  • Up a wall or partition
  • On an overhead structure in a constellation pattern

Turnkey Projects

At Prime Outdoor Living, our lighting experts know how to bring ideas to life. We’ll handle your outdoor lighting installation project from start to finish — from design to install to final inspection, and we do all the work in-house. No subcontractors will set foot on your property. As a matter of fact, the owner, Steve Kidwell, is present on every jobsite. If you’d like, for an extra fee, we can even provide a 3D design of the entire project. Rest assured, this will be your most stress-free project ever.


Outdoor Lighting around Columbus OH

Why Choose Us?

Our customers trust us with their dreams and their LED outdoor lighting projects. Here are a few other things about us to like:

Detail Oriented

Turnkey Design and Build

Quick Installation

Ease of Maintenance

High Customer Satisfaction

Warranty Protection

Light Your Yard With Prime Outdoor Living

Create an ooh- and aah-worthy nightscape in your yard with the outdoor lighting experts from Prime Outdoor Living. For more information call (740) 975-6000 or request a quote now. We serve Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas including Newark, New Albany, Heath, and Granville.

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