3D Design

When undertaking an outdoor renovation, it can be difficult to envision the final product. At Prime Outdoor Living, we have an answer for that. For an extra fee, we can provide a detailed, full-color 3D design of the proposed project. Let us bring your design to life right before your eyes. Call (740) 975-6000 for more information or request a quote now. We serve Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.

Why a 3D Design?

It’s typical for designers to include basic designs with their plans. However, offering the option to upgrade to a 3D design often makes sense. A detail-oriented 3D design can eliminate any confusion between the client and the designer.

Rather than flat paper, computer-generated designs accurately convey the project’s vision.

Exact, to-scale reproductions of the new project and your house, yard, and shrubs, including elevation, yard, walls, and steps.

Detailed prints allow us to more precisely quote projects.

Real-time design changes so you can see upgrades, multiple design options, and customized options.

For example, when installing an in-ground pool, a 3D pool design can show you how the pool can be integrated with your home and patio and how the new landscaping will complement all of the elements. If you change your mind and want to upgrade to a larger patio, we can quickly make that adjustment on the model.


Outdoor Living Options

At Prime Outdoor Living, we offer many services to bring your backyard living dreams to life.

Why Choose Us?

Our customers trust us with their dreams and their designs. Keep in mind that all of our work is done in-house by our own employees. Here are a few other things about us to like:

Detail Oriented

Turnkey Design and Build

Quick Installation

Ease of Maintenance

High Customer Satisfaction

Warranty Protection

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Watch Your Dreams Become Reality

Turn your project fears into excitement with 3D patio designs from Prime Outdoor Living. Sometimes it takes updated technology to open your eyes to the possibilities waiting to bloom in your own backyard. For more information call (740) 975-6000 or request a quote now. We serve Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas including Newark, New Albany, Heath, and Granville.

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