Outdoor Water Features

We all need a sanctuary space in our homes where we can relax, destress, and enjoy the calming sounds of nature. For many of us, water trickling over rocks or bubbling up from a pond is just what we need to soothe our souls. At Prime Outdoor Living, we can help create that space by incorporating a lovely landscape water feature into your yard. Call (740) 975-6000 or request a quote now. We serve Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.

Pond & Waterfall Installation Near Columbus OH

Small Ponds & Waterfalls

A small pond with or without a cascading waterfall is a quick way to add instant interest to your landscape. Outdoor water gardens attract butterflies, birds, and frogs and are the perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening in peace with the sights and sounds of nature. Add a few perennials and perhaps a statue, gazing ball, or hummingbird feeder, and you’ll have a mini ecosystem right before your eyes.

Goldfish or Koi Pond

Enjoy the lively beauty of aquatic life as you watch goldfish or koi dart around your own outdoor fishpond. Many people draw joy from tending to the fish and watching life blossom before their lives. Add waterlilies for beauty and shade for the fish and submerged pond plants to help oxygenate the water. Children are also fascinated by fishponds and love to help care for the fish.

Backyard Pond Installation in Columbus OH
Rock Bubbler and Fountain Installation Columbus OH

Rock Bubblers & Fountains

Rock bubblers add natural beauty and the sound of bubbling water to your landscape. These look equally at home situated in the midst of grass and shrubs or as the focal point of a rock garden. Rock bubblers and fountains are also a magnet for wildlife, and you’ll be sure to see birds splashing around them.


Outdoor Living Services

If in addition to a water feature you’d like to incorporate other outdoor elements into your yard, our hardscaping contractors excel at creating spaces as elaborate as you would like. Do you need help envisioning it? For an extra fee, we can provide a 3D design of the entire project. We can combine any of the following services and elements:

Outdoor Water Features in Columbus OH

Why Choose Us?

Our customers trust us with their dreams and their outdoor water gardens. Here are a few other things about us to like:

Detail Oriented

Turnkey Design and Build

Quick Installation

Ease of Maintenance

High Customer Satisfaction

Warranty Protection

Transform Your Backyard

Are you ready to create a sanctuary space in your yard with a soothing water feature? Prime Outdoor Living is ready to work with your design ideas to create the space of your dreams. Start by requesting a quote now or by calling Prime Outdoor Living at (740) 975-6000. We serve Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas including Newark, New Albany, Pataskala, and Pickerington.

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