How to Choose between a Pergola and a Pavilion

When it comes to designing your backyard oasis, many hardscaping elements can make your space complete. A pergola and pavilion can each serve a purpose in the function of your outdoor living space, but it can be difficult to know which to choose. Prime Outdoor Living specializes in hardscaping projects that include each of these elements and can use them to transform your backyard into an area for relaxation or entertainment. We’ll go over some facts and design ideas to help you decide whether you want to include a pergola or pavilion in your plans.

Pergola and Pavilion

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor stand-alone structure that has the primary function of providing shade in sunny areas. They don’t provide complete shade on their own, but you can customize the shade they give with some accessories and a little creativity.

Pergola Design Ideas

You can gain as much privacy as you want from your pergola by incorporating curtains or landscaping around it. A pergola can be made into an outdoor room with rugs, furniture, and lighting. You can dress it up by adding planter boxes filled with flowers to the structure.

What is a Pavilion?

A pavilion is also an open-air outdoor structure with a roof but no sides or floor. These generally sit on a deck, on a patio, or concrete. Pavilions provide shelter and shade with seating underneath. These are usually larger than pergolas, arbors, and gazebos. 

Pavilion Design Ideas

We often build pavilions to cover outdoor kitchens or to provide sheltered seating next to pools. You can customize the size and style of your pavilion, making it as simple or elaborate as you want. We can design a pavilion to help you create an outdoor living room or the garden sanctuary of your dreams. 

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Prime Outdoor Living can design a pergola or a pavilion as a focal point and then incorporate an outdoor fireplace, some lighting, and a connecting walkway to give you a picturesque, inviting backyard retreat you won’t want to leave. We combine multiple elements to create a space that flows from the inside out. Call us at (740) 975-6000 for more information or to request a quote today. We serve Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas, including Newark, New Albany, Heath, and Granville.