The last thing on your mind as a resident of Ohio deep into November is a backyard swimming pool. Or maybe that is exactly what is on your mind! As we look toward the long, dark winter months ahead, we could all benefit from a little daydreaming about the return of summer and sunshine. At Prime Outdoor Living, we always look ahead to how we can create a refreshing retreat in your backyard. Discover why the winter is the perfect time to begin planning your summer oasis with an inground swimming pool.

Inground pool for summer relaxation

Plan at Your Speed

While the temperatures are plummeting and the world around you is bundling up in their winter coats, you can warm yourself with thoughts of your inground swimming pool. When you start planning early, you have all the time you need for careful planning and consideration of everything you want to include in your outdoor renovation. We handle everything from design to installation, allowing you ample time to discuss and explore diverse customization options for your pool. This ensures your vision comes to life seamlessly. We can even provide a full-color 3D design of the proposed project for an extra fee before we get to work on it.

Prepare Your Landscape

When you plan your backyard oasis early, you can make any necessary adjustments that you want to make to your landscape. If you have existing hardscaping features that you want to move or reconfigure, we can help with that to prepare your outdoor space for the ultimate focal point: your new swimming pool! You won’t need to worry about applying for permits or hiring subcontractors to take care of things. We specialize in hardscaping projects for your exterior space, such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire features, walkways, pavilions, and more. The bottom line is that time is on your side as you prepare for your landscape to be transformed by the time it’s warm enough to enjoy.

Request Your Quote 

Let Prime Outdoor Living help you move from imagining your outdoor space to actually making it happen. Our experts can combine multiple elements to create an outdoor space you will enjoy for years to come, so let’s start that journey toward your family’s backyard oasis. Call us at (740) 975-6000 for more information or to request a quote today. We serve Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas, including Newark, New Albany, Heath, and Granville.