Include These Elements In Your Spring Landscaping Plans

There may still be snow in the forecast, but it’s the perfect time to get a jumpstart on your spring landscaping plans. At Prime Outdoor Living, we specialize in designing swimming pools for every space, along with complementing hardscaping elements. We can create multiple elements that come together as a cohesive, stylish outdoor space to enjoy alongside your pool. We’ll highlight three hardscaping projects for you to consider in your spring plans for your outdoor living space.

Water Feature

Water Feature

A water feature is a classic addition to your outdoor space, and you could choose from a small pond with or without a waterfall, a goldfish or koi pond, a rock bubbler, or a fountain. There’s just something about the sound of water trickling over rocks or bubbling up from a pond to make your home truly feel like a relaxing sanctuary. Water features are soothing for the soul, attracting butterflies, birds, and frogs, as you spend some quality time enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. The experts at Prime Outdoor Living can design the perfect water feature for your backyard oasis.

Outdoor Pavilion

A pavilion is an open-air structure with a full roof and is generally incorporated into other outdoor elements. We can build a pavilion to cover your outdoor kitchen, put one next to your pool to provide sheltered seating, or build one over top of an outdoor fireplace. Our team can completely customize the size and style of your pavilion, making it as simple or elaborate as you wish. An outdoor structure in your backyard, along with some cozy seating underneath, is the perfect little getaway to soak in the calming moments you need.

A Pergola

For a cost-effective way to make an impact on your landscaping, consider including a pergola in the overall plan. Your pergola can be as rustic or elaborate as you want, as it provides you with partial shade from the sun. The opportunities are endless for the accessories you can add into the mix to customize your pergola. You could drape fabric across the top to shade hammocks underneath, add curtains for privacy to create an outdoor living room, or even create a container garden by adding planter boxes to the structure. 

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