6 Common Myths About Pools and the Truth Behind Them

An inground swimming pool will give you the ultimate backyard oasis, a perfect blend of relaxation, entertainment, and exercise right on your property. Many homeowners look forward to creating countless memories in swimming pools with family and friends year after year. Perhaps you are unsure and have some reservations about installing an inground swimming pool on your property because of some things that you’ve heard over the years. Let Prime Outdoor Living discuss six common myths about inground pools and address the truth behind them.

Swimming Pool Installation

Myth #1: Inground Pools are Too Costly 

While a fiberglass pool requires a significant investment, the cost will vary widely depending on the size and features that you choose. However, the long-term benefits and increased property value can outweigh the initial cost.

Myth #2: Pools are Better in Warm Climates

Even though residents of warmer climates get to enjoy their pool longer each year than those in more moderate climates, you can still typically enjoy a backyard pool for several months in Ohio. Plus, solar covers and pool heaters can extend your pool season even longer.

Myth #3: Inground Pools are Too Unsafe

Safety precautions must be taken with swimming pools, but that does not make them unsafe. There are many ways to ensure a safe pool environment, such as automated pool covers, locked gates, privacy fences, alarms, and security cameras.

Myth #4: Pools Require a Large Backyard 

Are you, like many other homeowners, assuming your backyard is too small to accommodate a swimming pool? Fortunately, pools come in various shapes and sizes, allowing them to work in smaller backyards. Our designers can help you maximize the space you have.

Myth #5: Pool Maintenance is Too Much Work

Technology has significantly reduced the time and energy required for pool maintenance. Automatic cleaners, advanced filtration systems, and other specialized tools and equipment make maintaining your pool easier than ever.

Myth #6: Inground Pools All Look the Same

Prime Outdoor Living works with three innovative fiberglass pool companies with cutting-edge designs to deliver the pool of your dreams. Thursday Pools, Imagine Pools, and Latham Pools can each offer a pool in various colors, shapes, styles, and sizes.

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